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Cleveland, Ohio

I’m very impressed by Katie’s ability to work with international teams… We feel like true business partners, with open and transparent communications, building the plans together, adjusting with flexibility, professionalism, and a smile!

Beny Rubinstein
CEO, Banco BV Israel

Did your last feature rollout impact customer acquisition, retention, or referral as expected? If not, maybe it's time to consider why your customers are so irrational 😉

Forge your own path to success by harnessing insights from behavioral science. Applied behavioral science & design is all about uncovering the psychological factors influencing individuals to act (or not) given a certain context. And when you better understand how the [fill in the blank: your product, your service, your comms] set the context for their decision-making, the more you’ll be able to help them get more value out of it.

Katie’s work with Irrational Labs focuses on just that–helping world-class product teams create solutions to some of the hardest problems in acquisition, retention, and behavior change. A firm understanding of behavioral science is the secret sauce behind it all.

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Katie is an expert translator between academic concepts and real-life applications. She helped us conceptualize product applications of behavioral principles that specifically addressed our customer pain points and friction areas — and they worked!

Jessica Baier
CEO & Founder, Habit Money

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