About Katie

I explore behavior change in the wild, delving deep into human decision-making and our interactions with everyday products and services. As a former computer scientist, my interests have shifted from system design to decoding how users really engage (or don’t) with technology.

After helping to build Deloitte Digital’s Human Experience practice from the ground up, I joined Irrational Labs. There, I use behavioral design to enhance customer outcomes and support business growth for clients like Microsoft and Walmart.

In a world where every choice shapes our future trajectory, understanding the nuances of decision-making is paramount. Let’s embark on a journey together, where behavioral insights meet practical solutions. Whether you’re dreaming up your next big idea or scaling your current company, let’s chat.

I'm on a mission to help people take better advantage of their time through the decisions they make everyday.

At the Heart of My Journey:
Time & Tradeoffs

Reflecting on my path, my curiosity about decision-making has deep roots. Growing up in rural Virginia, I faced the loss of both my older sister and brother while they were both far too young. This experience led to a profound fascination with how we allocate our most precious resource—time. It led me to question whether I was using my time effectively and what it truly meant to use it well.

Every interaction with a product or experience became a negotiation between the benefit it offered and the time it demanded. This personal exploration drives my commitment to understanding the intricate dance between attention, time, and decision-making. It’s not just about data; it’s about the human experience and the tradeoffs we make daily.

Behavioral design is an art and a science that acknowledges the humanity of our users and helps us drive intention to action.
Signature Talks (Contact Me for Custom Topics)
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Behavioral Product Innovation: Designing for Positive Behavior Change
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Katie is an expert translator between academic concepts and real-life applications. She helped us conceptualize product applications of behavioral principles that specifically addressed our customer pain points and friction areas — and they worked!

Jessica Baier
CEO & Founder, Habit Money

Some of the amazing companies I’m working with: