Helping companies create
customer value and drive
business growth through the
science of behavior change.

Hey there! 👋
I'm Katie Dove.

I’m a Managing Director at Irrational Labs. For over a decade, I’ve studied how brands form meaningful connections with their customers and deliver engaging experiences.

Looking for insights from behavioral science on how to acquire, engage, and retain customers? Let’s connect.

Katie’s been amazing to work with. She’s done an excellent job of immersing our team in the world of behavioral science and showing us how we can utilize it to create a better experience for our customers as well as drive business outcomes.

Steven Toy
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Premium Growth, LinkedIn

Collaborating with Katie is not only productive but also an enlightening experience that makes you eagerly await each session with her! Her thoughtful insights, anchored in behavioral science, have been instrumental in improving our product and messaging.

Christine Balistreri
Head of Product, BidMyListing